Hello, you! Welcome to my blog! 

You'll find that I talk about travel quite a bit here, in addition to self-relizations and epiphanies. I suppose you could consider this an everything blog.

6 facts about me: 

  1. I'm a San Diego native, but half my family lives in Turkey (where I have visited many times); furthermore, I lived in London for a year to do a Master in Education. I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. 
  2. I'm truly addicted to coffee. I believe nothing beats a cappuccino in Rome
  3. I call myself a realistic dreamer. I have grand goals and try to figure out realistic ways to achieve those goals. 
  4. Sometimes I suffer with pretty bad anxiety. You'll hear me talk about this when I need to vent! 
  5. I'm a modern day explorer, always trying to find the treasure in everyday life (emphasis on trying). 
  6. In my spare time I like writing, walking city blocks, swimming in oceans, watching TED talks, sitting at cafes with a well made cappuccino, and indulging in Netflix marathons. 

Stay awhile, dear readers, I like the company.

My e-mail, if you'd like to contact me. 


  1. Hi Ashley!
    It's a very nice blog.I like it,especially the photographs.I always follow-up your blog.Say hi to everybody.
    Take care!
    Your cousin,Bertan

  2. I saw your blog today.I like your photographs,it's a beautiful blog.But I couldn't see my photo:)

    Jungle boy!

  3. Hey you two! I just saw these comments. Thanks for reading. I need to come to Turkey and take more pictures of you ;)

  4. Need to try a cappuccino in Rome. Great content & writing! :)



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