Merhaba! My name is Ashley and welcome to my blog.

I'm a San Diego native, but consider myself a true citizen of the world. Traveling is my most ardent passion. It started out with traveling to Turkey when I was seven and simply falling in love with it (I have family abroad). This has expanded to an eternal wanderlust, and I wouldn't have it another way! Most recently I've wrapped up a year in London to do a Master of Education. Other passions include finding the most perfect cup of coffee, staring at the ocean, writing my little heart out, and indulging in Netflix marathons.

I'm currently in the practice of learning how to control life less (a daily struggle), and so you get my blog's title: She's Come Undone. To me, this means letting go and letting kismet take over...all in attempt to become a little freer. 

So stay awhile, I like the company.

My e-mail, if you'd like to contact me.