And it all went down the drain

Feeling drained is not a good feeling to be having, I've decided.

But alas, I am drained of energy.
I am drained of sleep.
I am drained of creativity.
I am drained of time.
I am drained of # 2 pencils...there are far too many tests!
I am drained of sanity.
I am drained of relaxation.

And all that I am drained of has been replaced with stress, blank stares, zoning and a tarnished nickel in my pocket. You can't even buy Bazooka Bubble gum with that anymore, can you? That's alright, it looses it's flavor far too quickly anyway. But that's off the subject.

I need to lay off the soda and caffiene. And please, if you have a cure for chronic procrastination, please be so kind as to tell me what it is. Thankyou kindly.

Oh my heaven! ALL I would like to do is sleep...and maybe read pride and prejudice. Still, there's hardly time in the world to do that.

I need some chocolate. And a hug.


  1. I like your use of similies btw:) I suggest you read P&P--Darcy has this wonderful way of just cancelling everything else out. And like I've said before, I've become increasingly convinced that mr. darcy is the only gentleman of my acquaintance that has ever truly mattered:)


  2. hey ashley,
    make sure you and krissy check your email because i emailed some of my notes for comm so hopefully that can ease some of the workload for you guys. see you tomrrow!


  3. thanks sonya, and thanks michelle, and thanks jackie...I could have just shortened that by saying thanyou all!