Easy like tuesday morning

So I'm sitting here, acting all girly and painting my nails...what a waste of time and what a relaxing waste of time it is. The problem is I'm not so talented at this task, and my skin, along with my nails, is now a striking shade of hot pink. That's alright, it'll come off in the shower.

I quite enjoy tuesday mornings. Too many songs are made about sunday mornings and not enough about tuesday (martedi in italian, stands for "mars day"). This is my time to think and remain sain for the remainder of the hectic week. And I have time to just sit here and listen to my music, Marvin is soothing me right now and making me ponder the question "What's Going on?"

My sister comes in town from England on Thursday and I'm excited for that. Everest and Brendan (my nephews) always humour (spelled the english way--hehe) me with their little Cornwall accents.

Life is not always as bad as I sometimes make it out to be. At least my nails are painted a cheery color, that should count for something.

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