My Brain has officially gone on strike

My brain can no longer function as of right now...I can hardly even spell, and I'm like a human spellcheck, seriously. But it looks like I've lost that trait. I just took my communications midterm, who knew a test could get so freakin' specific? "How many daily afternoon newspapers are published in California?" I don't know, nor do I care. Now I have to study for econ, oh how I hate that malevolent subject...I won't even be sarcastic and say I love it dearly. I hate it dearly, I spit on this subject! And, remember, my brain is refusing to function right now, so is it gonna make an exception for a subject I don't think is relevant or enlightening what-so-ever?

There is a line in a Kelis song that says "I'll set your truck to flames and watch it blow up, blow up..." It was a song about an ex-boyfriend, but I could apply that lyrics to a couple of my teachers' cars. Maybe it'll make me feel better. Anyone got a match?

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