we should all just scratch out our eyes

This whole body image struggle with girls thing is really getting on my nerves.

I hear a girl saying that she's ugly, fat or and other countless adjectives that describe how one is not good enough EVERYDAY. EVERY freaking DAY I hear this crap...just shoot me in the head please...it really pisses me off.

The girls don't piss me off. It's the fact that these gorgeous, yes gorgeous, girls think that they're hideous. And it really doesn't matter how many times I tell them that they're pretty. They shrug it off, tell me I'm wrong and argue with me about it. I have a feeling that if I told them they were ugly they would just agree. That is SO depressing, so fucking depressing!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell do I have to do? I feel like this is an unstoppable rolling stone. I could build strong brick foundations to my arguments as to why they are pretty, but their ball of insecurity will still just easily break through it. Sorry for the not-so-orginal analogy, but it's all I can picture.

I realize that there's nothing I can say. These girls somehow, someway have to find out for themselves that they are worth the title "beautiful girl." I just want to pull them out of the dirt and grime they've trapped themselves in and wipe their tears and tell them "you ARE beautiful, because of your personality, you ARE one of the most beautiful persons I've seen."

People may say I have no foundation for this argument because I'm skinny (and most of the complaints I heard today were about weight). Well, don't you worry, I've felt ugly before. If not with weight, with something else...there's ALWAYS something else.

It's just not fair. It's frustrating because I can't fix it, it'll just stay unfair forever, it seems. Why do girls have to go through this crap? Why can't we all just feel that we're good enough? That's all we want...just to be acceptable.

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