I'm Paying It Foward!

So, I never used to read that much when I was in school. Poli Sci minor=lots of reading about the Peloponnesian War and not much else.

But NOW that I have all this free time, I've fallen in love with reading! The most recent book I've read that was sincere, heart-wrenching and pretty damn amazing? Pay It Foward by Catherine Ryan Hyde. So maybe you've seen the movie, but the book is 10 times better. (Isn't the book always better?)

So, you know, if you're bored one day and you feel like reading something that challenges your way of thinking and forces you to examine what your life is about...well then pick up a copy!

If not, then go read something with Fabio on the cover, or something.


  1. As a history major in school, I often felt the same way about reading and since college have gone nuts with the books. Reading for fun...who knew?? I just finished reading "A Confederacy of Dunces", John Kennedy Toole. Great, pick it up if you get the chance.

    And I agree, the book is ALWAYS better. Except for Lord of the Rings, both book and movie were pretty much equally badass.

  2. If not, then go read something with Fabio on the cover, or something.

    I went through a phase in high school where I read cheesy romance novels I bought from thrift stores. Mostly because they were funny.


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