Mama, Who Bore Me?

So...I'm not really a big play person. I'm more of a movie person. I'm usually too aware of my surroundings when I'm watching a play, or I get super bored, since they can be pretty damn long.

However, I think I've found a play that I really liked. It's called Spring Awakening. (Jax--I'm sure you'll know alllllllll about this).

Get this--I was sitting on the stage! ON THE STAGE! (this was amusing during the nude scene).

What can I really say about this play? It's daring, provocative, insanely interesting and hilarious, all rolled into one hand-clappin' musical.What's even more interesting is that the play deals with subjects so taboo, they are still prevalent today, even though the original script was written in the late 1890s. Subjects like sexual freedom, homosexuality, sexual abuse, enlightenment and anti-establishmentarianism are laced throughout.

I really loved it. So go see it, fools. Go see it.


  1. Always better to see a play than a movie.

    Correction: Always better to DO a play.

  2. Girl, you know me far too well ;)

    Lucky you to be sat onstage! I was waaaay up in the gods, which, similarly, made the sex scene very interesting/unusual. Actually, I'm not a big fan of 'Spring Awakening', but the songs have a way of working their way into your head, eh? Case in point: I now have 'Mama Who Bore Me' circulating round my brain.

    And I agree with Anthony: plays rule. DOing plays rules even more.

    Jax x

  3. I love that you blogged about the show, and that you included the label "what's ballin". :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I WAS going to see it before you got all Mr. T on me and called me a "fool."

    I can be harassed, beaten, and poked at, but I don't like being insulted!


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