Typical Thanksgiving Post...

I'm not sure why I am in such an exceptionally good mood today.

Maybe it's because I got a great night of sleep after some 'fun with rum' with a roommate.

Maybe it's because it's Thanksgiving.

It just hit me how privileged I am to have this life. How very privileged I am to not be on the streets, searching for scraps out of a trash can. How lucky I am to have family to visit today. I haven't lost my parents in a car accident, I'm not all alone these holidays.

And how great is it that I have choices in life? The choice to go live in another country if I so please? I have the freedom.

So why do I waste so much time complaining when things are so great?

Must remember that when I am being a grumpy bugger.

So thanks, Big Guy, for this life. Hope I use it well, and don't waste it.

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