Still Got It

Went to get a gym membership today (was inspired by the effects of holiday eating), and had this cute half-white, half-Persian boy sign me up for it.

We somehow got on the subject of traveling and dark beers--it was a random, nice conversation I didn't expect to have while applying for a membership.

And as cute Persian guy was shaking my hand and handing me a business card as I left, he said, "And my number is on there in case you want to get a Gordon Biersch beer together sometime."

Ha! Hot Persian boy hit on me! And although I won't call him (that's his job, dude), it's nice to know that I still got it.

Tee hee.


  1. whoa whoa! But you didn't give him your number, he gave you his! Therefore it is your job to call him, the ball in your court!!! Why not go out for a beer? Might not lead to anything but it could be really fun! From what you say he seems easy to talk too! DO IT :P

    <3 pug angel

  2. but he DOES have my number, hehe. indirectly, when I was signing up for the membership.

    We shall see. He also let me know that he goes to InKahoots multiple nights of the week. Guess he is a persian line dancing freak? haha. Random but great.

  3. oh well pretty sure client information is confidential and not to be used for asking cute girls on a date! He might get in trouble for that. haha But I guess if fate allows he will end up being a line dancing freak and see you again! :) haha
    <3 pugs 4 life

  4. If you don't call him and go for that drink I will personally fly across the pond and give you a reality check slap. Srsly.

    ...luff you =)

    Jax x

    PS: IT'S SNOWING IN LONDON!!! I'm excited!

  5. Ashley LOL this story is too cute! I love it because you always get those creepers at the gym, but I gotta admit, he was pretty sly haha.

    p.s. not to brag or anything, but Jay commented on by FB wall and like, the 18 year old michelle that lives in my heart was totally and utterly...
    B L U S H I N G haha.