Helpin' Haiti

I thought Christina did a good job with this song:

I'm actually impressed with the way America has stepped up to donate to Haiti. Sometimes I can't help but roll my eyes when a cause becomes the trendy, celebrity-endorsed thing to do; however, no need to let my pride get in the way of helping a nation that quite obviously needs it. Anytime I see people help other people, even if spurred by a celebrity telethon, I feel like the world actually can be a decent, kind place.

Bravo to us all!


  1. It always amazes me that such a powerful voice comes out of her. She tore that up.

  2. She sings from her throat. When she starts straining, the veins on either side of her neck pop out. Yikes.


  3. I agree :) at least it's good when helping the world is "trendy".


    (as you see loving your blog will try not to overfill it with comments :P)