Why I Fancy (500)

Recently watched (500) Days of Summer.

My old crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt has officially been reaffirmed (you know, that crush that started back when 3rd Rock From the Sun was on). And I've always had a bit of girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. Do I need to explain that? She's awesome on so many levels.

But besides all that, I found the movie to be pretty damn superb. I love it for all the reasons I love High Fidelity. It's witty and realistic. Not chick-flick realistic, but actually realistic. And so relatable you have to slap yourself when you're watching it, cause you could damn well swear, that hey, that's my life on screen!!

And most importantly, the ending was perfect. Perfect perfect perfect.

Warning: This is not a "feel-good movie" like one review said. This movie leaves you feeling like you've been beaten up a bit, but in a totally healthy way. And, I suppose it depends what stage of life you are in. For me, it was a wake up call to let go of old heartbreaks and pain that I always hold onto. This idea that old lovers are like seasons, and some need to be left behind in the past like shriveled up leaves, this is a good notion for me.

Ha. I must be a director's dream. I am the movie-goer that internalizes and thinks about a movie hours after I see it, and even makes changes in my life if the movie inspires me enough.

A movie with a significant plot and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to boot? That's my kind of movie.

I give this movie: ★★★★


  1. I've been meaning to rent that ever since I heard it came out since it skipped theatres here! I've heard nothing but wonderful things. And I *love* High Fidelity, so I'm sure I'll love this too!

  2. i saw this at blockbuster the other day, reached for it because i was a huge 3rd rock fan and zooey is just cool (although i prefer when she pronounced her name the salinger way) but my hand landed on district 9 again ... which, surprisingly, is also not a feel-good movie.

  3. em--if you love high fidelity, then I love you. And so does donny, actually. haha. That is our favorite movie :)

    donny--I like how you're always sure to comment on my movie reviews. You're a movie freak like me :) How did you like district 9?

  4. I have yet to see (500) Days of Summer, but High Fidelity is the high watermark of male slacker angst. Such comparisons invite disappointment...mind you, if there was a 24-hour Zooey Deschanel channel...you know, just her, eating, buying groceries, picking up her dog's crap...I'd probably subscribe. So I suppose 500 Days has something for everybody.

  5. Okay we rented it last night and I had to tell you because I'm lame like that lol. What a good movie - and what an AWESOME soundtrack!!

    And speaking of D9 it was probably my favourite movie of 2009 :)

  6. I LOVED 500 days... haha I also had a bit of a JGL moment. I knew I had loved him for a reason haha. And I agree, the ending was so perfect and soo much of what young girls should be clued into-- and not the disney fairy tale endings we were fed growing up! but theres the bitterness in me lol.

  7. I adored this movie too - one of my year favorites.. hmm, I should blog abot that. Anyway - I thought it was great how being in his heartsick head - we perceived what he did about the relationship... I think we can all relate. It was nicely done!

  8. I watched (500) days of Summer, and I liked the premise, especially coming in knowing that it was stated directly that this was an anti-romantic comedy. I especially like the dance sequence. And how cute Zooey is. I am also a fan of Joseph Gordon Levitt. Ever see Brick? That's a Film Noir movie set in a high school, with lots of interesting vocab. That's my favorite movie with Joseph.

    What are you talking about? I'm the one with the huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel (ever since All the Real Girls, I have been in love with her). She is SO adorable. Those big blue eyes always get to me.