Books N' Movies & Books That Turn Into Movies

That title is kind of a mouthful.

Anyway, I was watching the Bounty Hunter a couple nights ago (wait till it comes out on DVD, not worth the theater price), and they had theeeeee trailer I have been anticipating. Or fearing.

It was for Eat, Pray, Love.

Now...here's the thing: the trailer looked all well and good. It really did. It's hard to go too wrong with Juila Roberts. BUT. I absolutely adore that book! Seriously, that book has occupied a little space in my little heart, because I love it so. Therefore, I cringe at the thought of it being turned into a movie because:

  1. They (and when I say "they," I mean Hollywood) could mess up the premise completely. This book is about spirituality. Make no mistake. If they somehow turn the plot into Elizabeth Gilbert (the author) going on a glorified vacation and encountering romantic mishaps, then they've missed the whole lesson of the book.
  2. I'm afraid people will go see the movie instead of reading the book. Which, they will. That saddens me. There's something magical about this book, in BOOK form. There's something magical about reading in general.
  3. I'm afraid this memoir won't translate well into movie form. I wonder if they've kept her keen sense of humor in the script. Hopefully there is some narration to incorporate that. It makes me wonder what they may have changed in the plot to make it a movie.
With that said, I'll probably go see it, cursing at every scene that they get wrong. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, some movie-goers will we prompted to read the book after they see the film. Let's hope they do justice to the book.


While we are on the subject of movies, I just wanted to tell you that I have finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. I loved it. Audrey Hepburn embodies everything classic, beautiful and stunning to me. She didn't have to fake-tan or bare her breasts to prove that she was gorgeous.

I am disgusted at what our society finds beautiful today. I wish we could go back in time to where Holly GoLightly reigned supreme in the beauty realm--where personality, brains and grace still fit into the equation of what's "hot."


  1. You've got my vote on Audrey Hepburn. God, she's beautiful, in all ways. And I am a big fan of Truman Capote, so thumbs up on Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  2. I still haven't read Eat, Pray, Love, but I bet it will only bring more attention to the book. The people who see the movie and don't read the book were probably never going to read it anyway. Either they didn't know about it or they're like me and they just like to talk about how they're going to read something and never do. People like me used to annoy me when I was a dedicated reader.

  3. What a great post. I'm totally with you, I wish we could go back in time not just for society's definition of beauty but also of people's outlooks and behaviour. People seemed so much more respectful back then, and dances weren't full of half-naked teenagers trying to get laid, they were full of couples dressed to the nines and dancing to Frank Sinatra. People didn't swear in the streets and real-sized women were beautiful. *Sigh* I think I was born in the wrong decade!!

    And I haven't actually read that book yet - I dread movie adaptations though! My biggest fear is that people will see the movie and not read the book. The worst was the Time Traveller's Wife! :(

  4. Audrey Hepburn?

    If I were alive in the 50s and 60s, I woulda hit that.

  5. I completely agree with your thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love. It is my all time favorite book, and I'm fairly certain the movie won't do it just and/or will modify the plot beyond recognition.

    But I'm still gonna see it! I do love Julia Roberts too.