I ♥ it when we're Cruisin' together...

The Smokey version, not the Gwyneth Paltrow/Huey Lewis version. Cause Smokey is just better.

I feel like normally I would write more about the cruise, but I'm not in a writing mood. I'm in more of a woozy mood, and kinda out of it...hoping I didn't pick something up from the ship!

But here are some pictures, so you can get the gist:

Dancing to an "all MJ hour" in the most horrendously decorated club ever (on the ship). I know you can't see the club, but believe me, it's better that way.
Colleen and me with our Ensenada tour guide, Mariana (beautiful name!)
Colleen insisted taking a pic with weird monkey statue. Colleen had also had two margaritas.
Carnival Elation Cruise ship!
You didn't know I was a Mexican Wrestler on the weekends?
Don't mind if I do :)
I just thought this was beautiful. I happen to love a lot of mexican art.
Colleen and I are giants.
Where we laid out a bit.

Alrighty, that's all I gots to show, folks. Overall, a good time. Although, my favorite way to travel is by plane. It was extremely hard for me to get used to the swaying!!


  1. it's like i'm barry and you're dick. or is it the other way around? i would have picked the hl/gp version, ha. :) but, of course, you've got that motown swing going.

  2. Maybe the other way around, I feel like barry would appreciate motown more. Maybe because he acts as a chubby white marvin gaye at the end of the movie ;)

  3. So jealous. I want cruise! Also, I'm so not about the flying - my favourite mode of transport is train! Looks like you had a blast though, lady =)

    Jax x

  4. Ashley, you like to have a fun time, don't you?

    Good for you!


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