Cemiyet (Part Three): Jax, the Charmer

Cemiyet (n.)-- community (in Turkish).

Here is my third post, in a series, that highlights one of my bloggie friends--one that I want my other blog friends to know. Think of it as a meet and greet, virtually.

Jax, the Charmer
Have you met Jax? Well if not, that's a shame. She is, in fact, quite charming. Oh, you wanna know the reasons? Let me count the ways:

1. She's a "feeder." That is Jaxie's term for, "I'm going to plump you up full of such delicious food, you'll need to go on an intensive exercise plan afterward." Yep, pretty much. Her food blog is such a tease. She posts tantalizing pictures of her food creations, and all you can do is sit there and stare at it. It's just not fair.

2. She's British. They are natural charmers. At least, to foolish Americans, they are.

3. She's hospitable. I had the pleasure of meeting Jax last summer, because she gave me a place to stay in London during my lil' European adventure. How nice was that? She is the first blog friend I have ever met in person, and I ended up staying with her for a couple days! Sounds like a torrid love affair. Too bad Jax is taken (with a dude from New Zealand, I just can't compete).

4. She's hilarious. With a theatre background, jubilant jax is pure pleasure to be around. She tells jokes in a effortless manner, as if she were talking about the weather, but all the while she's nonchalantly pulling off a zinger. You gotta love someone who makes you laugh.

5. She has mesmerizing hair. This may come across as extremely lesbian, but her hair is the stuff of shampoo commercials! While walking around in London, I took a sneak grab of her long locks. I wasn't so sneaky. Like a moth to a flame..
    Overall, this girl is a caring, thoughtful, creative lady. I respect her advice and encouragement, and I sympathize with her desire to live in different countries!! haha. Jet Setters fo' LIFE!

    I'll end with a "moment" between Jax and I, told by the charmer, herself. I've shared this story before, but it's appropriate to share again:

    Another adventure on the tube and then there we were, walking on the cobblestones up to Chez Gerard, one of my favourite bars for Long Island Iced Teas. We sat sipping our drinks and chatting for a long while and then, my favourite moment of the night, Ashley insisted on buying me another drink and the conversation with the bartender went as follows:

    Me: Could I have the cocktail menu please?...Ooh, I'll have a Strawberry Daiquiri, please!

    Ashley: And I'm buying her drink!...But we're not lesbians. But I am paying.

    (Bartender cracks up and turns around to get ingredients for my drink)

    Me: Great Ashley, now I look like a prostitute!

    (Bartender comes back)

    Ashley: She's not a prostitute, by the way.
    (Bartender bursts into hysterics)

    Ashley: ...But we did meet on the internet.

    Here is Jax's food blog! Give it a go, just beware, you will salivate!!

    Yay for Jax!


    1. Seriously, I am blushing like crazy right now. This was so sweet :D I am genuinely touched. Love you loads, girl, can't wait until we meet again! And believe me, I'm gonna stuff you so full of food your toes will feel full...

      Jax x

    2. Oh she sounds fabulous! I am going to have to check out her blog... us Brits must stick together! :)

    3. Whoa. Her brownies look AMAZING. Must try those. I think now I will be following a new blog besides yours and ANT's! :-)


    4. Aw this is sweet!

      Also, your little "about me" section in your sidebar makes me think that we should be best friends forever. Coffee and chocolate? Staples I tell you. Hell to the yeah.

    5. I also love the name jane, btw ;)

    6. you're fun to do this! =)

      we ended up in switzerland because mark, my husband, found and got a job here!

    7. Oh, how fun! She sounds awesome and how cool you got to spend time with her. I am still waiting to meet my first blog friend!

      Also, I can tell from the picture that she has awesome hair. ;)

    8. You have been posting away! Nice blog on your friend Jackie. I will have to look at her food creations.