Refocused (With Help From the Fam)

I feel like my family has been supportive of this whole ‘going to another country for a year’ idea, but reluctantly. This has caused a bit of frustration; but through that, it has also allowed me to see the right perspective from the people I love the most.

I am still going to Turkey, despite some opposition, and that makes me stronger. My parents are seeing that yes, I really want to do this, and YES, they need to just support me.

I feel as though my overall overseas plan was a bit fuzzy before. I had a general idea of where I wanted to go: Istanbul, the most well know city, where I have family. As I’ve been laboring through this process, I’ve changed the choice of the city based on advice. Izmir is the place I will be going for, full speed ahead.

I realized that this was the right choice because when I told my family:

  1. My mom couldn’t shut up about how much she loves Izmir and how everything, down to the shutters on the buildings, is beautiful. (she seriously talked about the shutters for five minutes. My mom is crazy).
  2. My cousin Begum, who told me that coming to Istanbul would be an unwise choice (and we had some major debates on this), suddenly changed her tune when I mentioned Izmir. She said, “It’s safer, smaller, cleaner, and more people speak English.”
  3. Which brings me to this point: There is a U.S. Air Force base right by it, so if all hell were to break loose, I’d flee to the base for assistance.
  4. IT’S GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of these factors have refocused my fuzzy plan, to make it a little sharper, defined and...within reach. I just needed a visit with the ‘Eye Doctor,’ a.k.a., God. Because God most definitely speaks through people. Isn’t it funny that everyone that resisted my plan before, is now supporting my choice of Izmir? GOD wants me to go to Izmir. Sneaky, sneaky plan, Big Guy!

The hard part is just listening. We think we know what we want, and God usually gives us those inner desires...but we need to do it on His terms.

The last person to convince has been my Dad. Although supportive of everything I do, I felt some resistance from him. He’d say, “Why don’t you apply to some places in San Diego? Maybe you’ll want to stay here, after all.”

No Dad, um, we’ve been over this.

Then he said a sincere thing, “Well, you’re my little girl, and you always will be. You just happen to have really big goals of going to live in another country, which is scary for any parent. But of course I will support any of your goals.”

It’s nice that I have such a good family with such a good heart, who support my semi-outlandish desires. Although I’m doing my life “my way,” it’s not completely my way. One should always seek wise counsel when making a huge decision. This produces the best decision and outcome possible. Thanks family! ♥


  1. From what the Japanese have learned about Air Force Bases, I wouldn't go anywhere near them.

    Also, be glad you don't have 20 people telling you to move to Japan. It stopped being cute about a minute after it happened.

  2. how exciting! living in another country is so priceless. so, switzerland isn't izmir, but...same idea! you'd kick yourself for not doing it for the rest of your life so...that alone should convince you to go :)

  3. like...!!! (if there were a like button on blogger) i just pushed it.

  4. I'm still amazed that you're going on this adventure! I think it's great that you're family is getting behind you and seeing that you want to do this.

    You go, girl!

  5. So glad to hear people are getting behind you. I LOVED "We think we know what we want, and God usually gives us those inner desires...but we need to do it on His terms." It's so SO true in life - we always want to get ahead of God but sometimes we just have to have faith that things will happen according to His timeline. Still so so excited for you!!

  6. you get a folla that dream holla: yeeeaaaahhh! you have no way of knowing, but it was quite loud, slighly on the screechy side.

  7. Good. Just so long as you're still going.