MacBook Photo Monday (And In a Darker Mood)

haha. I'm not sad, I've just dyed my hair a little darker!

You can still see a lot of blonde, but I eventually want to ease toward more brown so I don't have to worry about keeping up the dye job in Turkey. I can just see this totally bad scenario where I try to explain to a Turkish hairdresser how I want my hair dyed, and ending up with green hair. haha.

On top of that, I've been a blonde for about 3 years. Long enough! It's time to enter the dark side again!

Speaking of Turkey and that whole plan, this is probably how it's going to go down:

I was going to go to Turkey in September (if offered a job); however, I've changed my plan to November for a few reasons:
  • One of my best friends (Jaclyn) is getting married, and I am the maid-of-honor, and would like to be there for her big day (er...days. She's having two weddings). Those weddings happen in late October, early November.
  • Because of this, I will have more time to learn Turkish. YAY!
  • On top of this, I will have more time to save some money. ALWAYS important.
So yeah, that's the plan so far. As we know, plans don't always work out the way we want, but I'll see how this pans out as time goes on.


  1. Where in Turkey are you going to be working?

  2. I'm shooting for Izmir. You may not have heard of it before...it's my mom's favorite city in Turkey :)

  3. and emily--she's having two weddings because her family can't make it to the san diego one and his family can't make it to the nashville one, if that makes sense. haha.

  4. hurrayyy for the dark side ;)

  5. Brown is the dark side?

    Good, go in November. That's the best month of the year!

  6. well yes anthony, it's the dark side compared to blonde!!

    Is Nov. when your birthday is? :)

  7. I was blond for several years and then I went back to my natural color to save money and I don't regret it at all. Who knew that my natural colors would actually suit me!

  8. Brown is a good color on you. Blonde, too.

    Yep, Scorpio's are the shi*.

  9. You're right, I've never heard of it.

    I think if I ever went to Turkey I would visit Istanbul, but I would only refer to it as Constantinople. Do you think that would make the Turkish people angry?

  10. I know a couple who got married 3 times. The first was at city hall. Then they had a Muslim wedding and a traditional church wedding. The reason they did the city hall wedding was so they could move in together and his parents wouldn't be as disappointed. They also did it because of the conflict of his Muslim family was disappointed he was marrying a non Muslim woman. That way, neither of the other two weddings would be the "real" wedding because it happened first.

    I haven't posted many (if any) pictures of me with my blond streaks. It was a big change from the red and I had really just wanted a lighter red, but I trust Randy and I like it.


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