Day 09 - Take a picture today that showcases motion

So, I didn't take this today...sorry! But here it is:

It's a picture of the Del Mar Fair in San Diego. It is our county fair, and this picture takes me there: I can smell the fried goodness (or badness?), I can hear the crowd whizzing by, and I can feel the hot summer air as I squeeze in past the people to get to the rides.

Nothing too special, but it's a memory forever imprinted in this little snapshot.

P.S. I am seeing Robyn in concert tomorrow. I am beyond excited for this because Robyn hardly ever tours in the U.S.!!!!!!!! YAY yay YAY yay YAY!!


  1. i loooove county fairs......elephant ears!

  2. Fun!! Robyn's going to be great :)

  3. Have a great time!

    Have you ever been to the State Fair? I am going tomorrow. I guess I'm kind of spoiled because I've always had the state fair right here in Sacramento. It's fun! There are exhibits off all kinds - from every county in the state, art exhibits, sales vendors, shows, and outdoor stuff like veggie gardens, farm animals, etc. And rides if you like that sort of thing. Kind of makes me feel ill to think of those whirly things... Anyway! You would like it. :0)


  4. D--I didn't know we even had a state fair. hahaha...

  5. Cool shot! I'm a little nervous about the whole "motion" day. It's next for me...
    But you scored! nice work.