Day 17 - A picture of what you wore today

Ahhh!!! It's been a busy week...and I am need of some major rest! But here is my picture:

Clearly, this is not what I wear everyday. I do not profess to be a real-life fairy. However, because you're so nosy (:P), I'll have you know that today was Peter Pan Day at the summer camp I work at. And here you are looking at 2 Tinkerbells! Yes 2. Because, well, one isn't enough! And yes, we had a Captain Hook, Tigerlily and all the main characters...even the crocodile.

Actually, it was pretty brilliant, and I encourage all adults to play a bit of dress up whenever possible. Because being five again is the BEST.

Yep, this is ACTUALLY what I wore today. It's kind of baller status.


  1. Sounds like fun and you look SO CUTE! :)

  2. Too cute :D I want to play dress up now!

    Jax x

  3. total ballin status, i'm down

  4. Ok, Jax, when we meet again let's have a tea party where dress up is required :)

  5. I do not profess to be a real-life fairy.

    Hahahaha! How fun!

  6. I LOVE playing dressup. The Halloween countdown is majorly on :) Cute pic!!

  7. Hahaha! I'm sure yours is the most random response of everyone who is doing this contest! You make a very nice tinkerbell! ; D


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