Favorite Thing Thursday: Sweet Sweet Perfume


It's not just a favorite thing of mine, it's an OBSESSION. (no, no...not the Calvin Klein kind of Obsession...haha).

It all started when I was 15 years old and I visited my family in Turkey. My older cousin, Begüm, had this interesting bottle of perfume on her dresser, and it was called Gucci Rush. After getting my first whiff of a designer scent, I have worshiped perfume. Also, it helps that I have always looked up to Begüm, the most fashion-savvy relative of mine. (In case you are curious, she works for a Turkish designer called Vakko).

Anyway, on to my favorite scents (of the moment, at least)!!!

4. Burberry Brit

I have to be in a *very* sweet mood for this scent, like I am going to go frolic in a bed of daisies, or something. It's got a sharp vanilla smell to it, among other sweeeeeet smells: amber, pear and mahogany.

3. Laugh With Me Lee Lee by Benefit

Nice and cheap! And so out of character for me to choose something so floral. But it is one of the most unique scents I have come across. It has some violet, lily, jasmine and melon in the mix.

2. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna

I have loved this perfume for a long time. I love the mix of citrus, jasmine and bamboo (YEAH, BAMBOO!). It's an in-your-face, sultry scent.

1. Miss Dior Cherie

Everytime I see this perfume bottle, I think of the song "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder. :) That instantly puts me in a good mood! This has got to be my favorite scent right now. I know plenty of girls who love this perfume, and it's no wonder--it has CARAMELIZED POPCORN as one of its notes. Whhhaaatt? No wonder I'm addicted! It also has notes of: strawberry sorbet, jasmine and tangerine. Whenever I wear it, I get, "Oh! You smell good!" <---that makes it a winner.

Another scent I don't have, but have been dying to buy soon? Coco Chanel Mademoiselle!

Yep. I ♥ Perfume.

(p.s. all pictures are from Sephora)


  1. i love perfume too! i have a summer and winter one that are staples :)

  2. I now have the song "My Cherie Amore" stuck in my head. Thanks. :)

  3. I just bought Burberry BEAT as my wedding fragrance, I can't get enough of it!!

  4. I have a very sensitive nose and have always HATED most perfumes (although I think a good cologne on a man is to die for). I find 95% of perfumes to be overbearing, too floral, or just down right stuffy/stinky!

    However, I recently decided to give perfume another try by purchasing Banana Republic's "Republic of Women". I think I like it, but still have to tell my nose to "have an open mind" when I'm wearing it! I went there because Banana Republic came out with a one-time-only scent a few years ago called "Peony" and it was the ONLY perfume I ever owned and liked.

    So thanks for the recommendations! Now that I am giving perfume another chance, I will check those out! :)


  5. i totally wear burberry brit. my favorite scent EVER. well... for me anyway. *sigh of happiness*

  6. krystal--I have too many perfumes. haha. I could never stick to just one or two :)

    steph--yay for stevie!

    emily--that one is SO GOOD too! My old roommate used to wear it. Of course you would go the English route! ;)

    D--some of these fragrances may be a bit strong for you, but if you were to like any, Miss Dior Cherie is not so overbearing

    cari--it's a good one :) I was introduced to it from an old coworker

  7. interesting! I'll definitely have to check these out next time I'm at sephora or dept. store :)

  8. I had Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, and I now have Christian Dior Cherie! I love them both!!!

  9. I love perfume, but my husband can't stand the smell of any of them. Someone did give me a bottle of Burberry The Beat recently and if I only wear one squirt, he doesn't complain. : )

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  11. nope, you don't know me.

    I just HAD to say this: i LOVE Can-Can by Paris HIlton. It's AMAZING!!!

    Ok, I relieved my OCD. :P


  12. Can-Can is sweet smelling too!!!!!!!!! ok, I need to get over this........ ^deep breath^