Within Reach?

Bodrum, Turkey--A picture I show a lot here on this blog, because I adore it. Let's call this my happy place.


I'm really wanting to get to Turkey.

I feel like I'm playing too much of a waiting game, but I'm too careful and levelheaded to just fly to Turkey and look for jobs in person. I've always tried to play it safe with my money, because I don't want to have to struggle while I'm there.

But I just. want. to. get. there.

I know I'm being whiny in this post. Forgive me.

POSITIVE THINKING: Rev Run (on twitter) said Focus: (F)ollow (O)ne (C)ourse (U)ntil (S)uccessful.

Word, Rev.


  1. positive thinking, yeah!!!! I hope you are hearing good things, having good interviews...GOOD THINGS. you'll be there soon.
    and oh goodness, some of those pics weren't mine. i think tuesdays i'll use all mine because i took the better camera, that sure helps, haha :)

  2. I kept trying to come up with an acronym that makes sense but I keep losing it at the end.

    Don't worry; you'll be there soon.

  3. Gorgeous pic... I cannot wait for you to get there so I can see MORE Turkey and live vicariously through you! Way to put out positivity into the Universe... I'm so sure something is well on its way that's going to lead you there :)

  4. That picture looks like how I imagine Greece to be, which I realize would get me stoned in Turkey! I'm sure you'll get a job eventually; it's probably a bit tough at the moment with the crisis, at least according to my teaching friends in Barcelona.

    Oh and of course you get bonus points for guessing the city. I think bonus points on my blog are a bit like Canadian Tire money though, it takes a lot of them to buy something!

  5. Emily--yes it totally looks like Greece, and this particular part of Turkey is very close to Greece.

    And to quote My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "But mom, the Turks and Greeks are friends now!"

    And they are, although they probably still make fun of each other :)

  6. New to the blog. I'm just wondering why a nice California girl like you wants--needs--to go to Turkey? What is there for you? I'm not trying to speak out of turn...I'm just curious.


  7. Judging by the beauty in this photo, I wouldn't want to wait to get to Turkey either! Definitely on my list of places to visit. Hopefully, things pan out very soon for you!

  8. Mr. Bomb (haha)- I have family in Turkey and have visited many times in the past. I love Cali, but I love Turkey as well. I want to go for the experience...I've always wanted to live somewhere very different.

  9. Here's a stream of good thoughts coming your way. ... And bonus thoughts for bringing Rev Run from Twitter to Blogger.

  10. How beautiful!! I almost went to Turkey once.. my ex was from there and I was so stoked.. but that definitely did not work out. I think he would have left me there if I had gone along. haha.

    It's so beautiful! I hope you get to go again very soon!!