Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It's very acceptable:
  • to be a little scurrred when you're sitting next to man reading a magazine about guns and killing deer (on a plane). So what, is there a rifle in your checked luggage? And why you gotta kill Bambi? There are other "sports" to take up...I hear cricket is a nice one to play, where you're not SHOOTING THINGS.

  • to have an "awwwww" moment when a 7-year-old boy starts talking about the functions of important body parts, elaborating that "brains are for remembering things and hearts are for loving somebody." I wasn't gonna correct him. :)

  • to be true to your heart and not date the guy mentioned in the last Perfectly Acceptable Ashley. Because after a few dates, it wasn't right. Although said guy may make a good friend, it's always acceptable to go with that innermost, almost-primal gut instinct. Because the old adage, "you know when you know" works both ways. You also know when it's a NO.


  1. Go with your gut! ABSOLUTELY. Relationships are difficult enough when he IS the right guy. When he isn't they're just nearly impossible!!

  2. Totally agree about going with your gut!! Your gut will like someone else the mostest :) :)

  3. I agree with everything! :]
    You're too cute.
    Hearts are for loving somebody.
    ohman. Melt my heart.

  4. It's good that you can see when something isn't going to work out. That IS perfectly acceptable. :)

  5. "I hear cricket is a nice one to play, when you're not SHOOTING THINGS" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    And yes, whoever said seven-year-old is, he has a very adorable understanding of the human body.

  6. Girl, ALWAYS go with your gut.

    "brains are for remembering things and hearts are for loving somebody"

    I am dying. So adorable.

  7. like so much this kind of post!
    "I hear cricket is a nice one to play, where you're not SHOOTING THINGS."...awesome :)

  8. I agree with Fashion Butter. ALWAYS go with your gut. I've not done that and the guys always ended up being douchey.

  9. aye. thats so darn adorable. Hearts are for loving. I hope he stays that optimistic. And yes, you always know when its a NO. But I want to hear all about it so lets meet up!

  10. YES, let's meet up Michelle, so glad you are back!!

  11. I always love your perfectly acceptable ashley posts! Anyway, better it didn't work out if you're going to Turkey. I'm liking your Holly Golightly look below!

  12. YES. YES YES YES. That is all ;)

    No, but on the last point, seriously. Big yes. It's disappointing sometimes, sure, but it's better to hold out and wait until you meet somebody who does tick all the boxes for you. Metaphorical boxes. Might be weird if you actually gave him a form with boxes to tick.

    Jax x