Let the Pictures Commence! Part One: Istanbul

So, I've been to Istanbul too many times to remember (I think 6?); therefore, I don't have that many pics of old buildings and touristy things...I have those all in hard copy, old school form. Maybe I shall scan them one day to show you all (like the Aya Sofia, my favorite building of all time, I think).

So here was my experience in Istanbul, 2011 edition:

On the plane to Turkey.

My cousin Begüm =) Probably the family member I am closest to!

View of Istanbul from my family's window.

My uncle Semih.

Delicious and healthy Turkish breakfast. Turkish cheese is a lot like French cheese, basically WAY TOO GOOD!! On top of this, I adore Turkish tea. Mmmm...I'm having cravings.

A Turkish desert, called keşkül, a kind of vanilla/custard/pudding dish. It's mighty tasty!

Mo (the Morning Monster) came to Turkey with me to act as my travel gnome, a la Amelie. Here he is deathly afraid the birds are going to eat him alive *gulp*

Istanbul! The Asian Side in all its glory (since there is a European side too).

That's all for Istanbul, actually. I was only there a few days, so, hope you enjoyed a small glimpse!


  1. my goodness. everything looks so beautiful. gorgeous. amazing. breath-taking...the list goes on! I love your little monster gnome too. nice little travel touch (plus like, amelie is such a good movie). looking forward to more of your pictures :)

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