Sometimes I'm a Grumpy Bugger and I Wish for Rain

Lately I've been aching for rain.

If there's one complaint I have about San Diego, it's that we don't get enough of it.

I've been thinking about the glorious storms I've seen in Michigan, England and Ireland--sovereign forces that take you by the throat with no mercy. Those kind of storms get me giddy and frightened to the point of goosebumps, just like all the worth-while things in life.

And maybe that's why I adore rain. It reminds me of being human, being a part of the whole. I'm always that girl who forgoes the umbrella in hopes of getting completely drenched, laughing at those scurrying under the false hope of a newspaper or overhang. They hurriedly try to keep themselves put together, while mother nature is begging them to let go of control. Don't they know how good it feels to just let the rain fall down on you? To let your hair get ruined and your make-up smeared?

I have visions of sitting on a porch in Georgia, rocking in my chair as a chorus of rain plays me a symphony. Or of strolling in Paris with a painted sky of gray, because you know that's a city made for a rainy day. Or of dancing in a wild Irish field as the rain accompanies my aloofness.

Are these premonitions? I hope so.

I want the rain and thunder and excitement to sweep into my life soon. I want to twirl as the sky falls around me. I want to be in it.


P.S. I wrote this post about a week ago, and guess what? The skies opened up and poured down rain for a good two days this week. Obviously my request was heard! And OBVIOUSLY I took a nice long walk in the rain and it felt oh-soooooo-good.


  1. Bah, I am not in agreement with this. In Vancouver it rains all damn winter, and here in Ontario it's raining now. Pfff. But rain once in a while can be nice, I suppose!

  2. hahaha. I know what you mean, TOO much rain can get annoying. Just like TOO much sun can get annoying. You see? I'm wanting more changes, so when rain comes along, I totally eat it up!

  3. i love rain. summer rain is warm and perfect. fall and spring rains are cold and perfect. winter rain = snow is perfect. i love rain. i love and agree wholeheartedly with this post. i'm so happy your request was heard. you've got the powaaaah!

  4. Brissa, I' learning more and more that you may be my soul sista :)

  5. We've had SO much rain this summer it's been ridiculous! As if the rivers aren't high enough and the ground isn't COMPLETELY saturated.. ugh.

    Hopefully it doesn't mean that we're going to be buried under an ocean of water come next spring.

    However, I am glad that you got your rain. I really do love it, just not so much after so many floods up here.

  6. we had LOTS of rain this weekend. Florida rain is the best!

    new follower :)


  7. You can have some of our rain...we're drowning in it here in Upstate NY!

  8. I love this, I feel the same way about rain!!! Only in winter though, I hate it in summer because summer is for blue skies and ice cream!

    Oh and when I got to Europe I'm going to France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Ireland and somewhere else but I haven't decided!

  9. In Korea we have rainy season here...but its awful. Its the gross kind of rain, where it's raining because so just so damn hot and humid out. It's digusting! BUT today we have rain and its the beautiful, best kind. Just enough chill in the air :)

  10. Brilliantly written post, miss. I do love a good summer storm (did you see the video I posted? CRAZINESS) and how epic nature can be, but having lived in England for 15 years I'm grateful for dry days that don't leave me a frizzy mess :) When I don't have to be anywhere however I love running through the rain!

  11. ME TOO this is all i've been wanting lately!