Finding the Turkey in Me

I've been doing a lot of Turkish things of late:

1. Hookah:

Bahaha! This picture cracks me up. I SWEAR we were just smoking hookah, not opium.

Just call me Smokey (notice the Turkish eye).

2. Going to Turkish festivals:


"I claim this land in the name of Turkey!"

Turkish dancing...yeahhhh!

Oh! And my Turkish class starts November 3rd!

Soon my transformation into full Turkish mode will be complete...and THEN I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD...mwahahaHAHA!

I kid, I kid.


  1. :) Love the pics!!!! Let me know how your classes go girl!! :)

    Email me (seen on my profile on blogger) if you ever have a question or so...I can help ya too, since I know how hard it is to get used to something new or to get used to this language... :)