Calling All Blog Wizards...

Technical Question...

Can anyone, for the love of God, tell me how to align my tabs to the center (right below my header)?????

Pretty sure I tried to figure this out for a few hours before retreating to a couple glasses of wine and one too many frozen mini pizzas. Oh the horror!

Any tips would be very appreciated. Thanks :)


  1. These blogger templates can be kind of whacky. Is that in the template itself or an added widget? I guess the easiest way would be to view the template's CSS probably looking for where the developer calls out the tabs and look for 'ul {' part of that and adjust the margins. Do the new blogger templates still let you in that far? FWIW, the tabs look good to the left.

  2. I might give up and leave them on the left :)

    They do let you into the HTML code section. It's a pain though! I wish I was as web site savvy as you!

  3. Mine is really annoying too, I settled for creating enough to fill up the space!

  4. try pasting this in the CSS section of your template designer (under advanced)

    #LinkList2 {text-align:center !important;}
    #LinkList2 li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

    (thanks google!)

    if it doesn't work...

    sorry bout it!

  5. didn't work, but that's ok. I think I give up :) haha.

  6. oh send me your header file, I think I can do it ;)

  7. I decided to just keep it to the left. ha.