San Antonio!

Hey ya'll.

Back from Texas and feeling miiiiighty fine. I needed that trip. I so needed that trip. It's funny how the tiniest bit of traveling eases my soul and makes my heart truly smile.

I went to two cities: San Antonio and Austin. Sorting through the pics, I realized that I took about 10 times more photos in Austin. So, here's my first dinky post on San Antonio. I'm not sure it will give you an accurate view of the city, but it may give you a lil' taste:

I love the elegance of the regal columns on Southern homes.

I'll say it: Texas makes the best horchata I have ever had.

Kolaches anyone? Apparently a food brought over from Czech immigrants filled with fruit and cheese (cooked in a roll). Of course, they've been Texified and you can get them filled with eggs, meat, chorizo and the like. Yummy yum yum!

I went to this "fast food" BBQ place, but it really didn't seem fast foody at all. Texas sure knows how to cook their meat to perfection, which I appreciated to the last bite. Oh, and I also had a healthy dose of Sweet Tea at this establishment. Or, maybe that's not-so-healthy...


Take me to the moon!

I loved Andy's Mexican bingo artwork, and ended up buying the luna picture from a street vendor.

...So, there you have a small taste of San Antonio. I should have taken more pictures of the factories-turned-shopping centers. I found San Antonio to have a calm family feel to it: efficient highways, gated neighborhoods, good food and a cute quaintness.

My next post will be a HEFTY one as I have too many pictures of Austin...but until then, hope you enjoyed this lil' post!


  1. Glad you had a good time! I'd love to see more of Texas.

  2. I tweeted about kolaches ... or the lack of ... the other day. I've never gotten to San Antonio, but Austin ... oh, Donny <3 Austin. Glad to see it was a great trip!

  3. I've never heard of a horchata, before. Headed to google...
    I'm going to Dallas tomorrow and will keep my eyes open for one!
    Can't wait to see your Austin pics.

  4. what a fun trip! it's been a long time since i went on a holidayyy T_T

  5. Did you make it to the Riverwalk or El Mercado? Mariachis at Mi Tierra? Make it to the basement at the Alamo? I can never think of San Antonio without thinking of that scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Glad you enjoyed it. Oh, and kolaches are gooooooood...

  6. The Riverwalk was drained at that time so we didn't go...ha.

  7. It looks really pretty. I look forward to seeing Austin- I've always wanted to go.

  8. Great pics girl!!! :D Never been but I somehow want to go and explore that area soon! :D