LOST, A Review

I've been on this newfound kick in where I watch old wildly popular shows on Netflix that I had never seen before.

I knew what my first choice had to be: LOST.

Instantly, from the first episode, I was sucked in. I'm a girl who loves me some mystery. I love figuring out plots, looking for clues and patting myself on the back when I guess the right outcome (hmmm...this is a prideful hobby of mine). And LOST just has this great primal, gritty, Lord of the Flies kind of feel to it.

And then come the questions: What is up with the polar bears? Who are the others? What do the numbers mean? <---all questions that are terribly fun to figure out. It's all in the chase!

Oh, and it's also ALL ABOUT these two guys:


I mean look at them! Hot men, all dirty and sweaty in the jungle...


Now I agree with all the assessments of LOST getting a little, um, much in the 4th season on. Seemingly swirling, out-of-control plot twists leave your head spinning. Time travel? Alternate dimensions? Whaaaat?

But in the end, I think it really comes together. Every detail, every number, every hatch is accounted for. I have a lot of regard for the writing in this show, with it's clever foreshadowing and impressive coordination. And don't forget those two dreamboats, Sawyer and Jack (I know you didn't forget).

And you shan't forget. This is one of the things LOST did best: there is a strong connection between character and audience. You feel deeply for Sayid's troubled past. You root for Kate to escape the law. You rejoice when Sun and Jin fall in love again. You believe in Locke. The line between fiction and reality is blurred--this is when a show truly succeeds.

LOST is one of the best shows I've seen, and now that it's over, I feel as though I'm missing it.

Did you watch LOST? Were you a fan of the ending? What was your favorite season(s)?


Next hit series I'm watching? Ally McBeal. Stay tuned.


  1. I was an ADDICT for the first few seasons, but I have to say it wore off once all the complications began!

  2. Let me know when you make it round to Three's Company. Hey, did you ever see the episode where Jack had to flirt with Mr. Roper so he'd still think Jack was gay?

  3. Love how you described the men...I called them the "hot doctor" and "hot macho". Either way, hellooooooo I LOVED the show and its never-ending twists and all. And the ending? Loved it. I know so many people were against it and didn't get it but I don't think there's only one way to look at it...I liked it and it brought all things back together. :)

    I was not lost in the end of lost. ;)


  4. Nice review! I agree that the writers really did have plot out the details of the show really well. And Kate was hot. :P

    And definite agree about the connection to the audience. The show started out seemingly based in reality, but obviously moved towards science-fiction, which was frustrating for some, but I think for the most part the audience was able to suspend their disbelief at time travel and island-hopping and what not because we strongly cared about the people on the island, and the writing was strong enough to support that.

    Man, now I wanna go back and re-watch this show!

  5. Kate is totally my girl crush.

  6. Oh - meant to ask too - did you ever get into Arrested Development? If not, might I suggest that for another series to try?

  7. uuuuuuuuuuuugh.
    don't get me started on lost. i hated jj because of that ending. ohmygooooosh.

  8. Sawyer!!! He was one of my favorite characters. My other fave was John Locke. The episode where you find out why he's in a wheelchair....whoa!

    So I completely agree. The first three seasons were BOMB, the rest...meh. I liked (for the most part) how it ended. I didn't care for Sawyer ending up with Julia. I preferred him and Kate together (Sorry, Jack).

  9. I also preferred Sawyer and Kate together!!! haha :)

  10. Such a well written review and bonus points for the use of 'shan't'. That is such an under appreciated contraction. I won't say I have a HF-style love for LOST, but I have watched it twice in it's entirety since it ended. Currently going through NUMB3RS. You really can't fail with Bernard the Elf as mathematical genius.

  11. I've never watched LOST but it's sitting in my instant queue. I've been doing the same thing on Netflix lately :)