Ashley Pants is Becoming Antsy Pants

I don't know what it is about having the name Ashley that compells others to make nicknames out of it. Probably because there are too many Ashleys going around, so variations are necessary. In any case, I get called Ashley Pants often.

But that is besides the point of this post.

The point of this post is to release a little tension, as a nice blog vent sesh often does. I know I'm in need of tension-releasing when my jaw gets really tight, because I've most likely been grinding my teeth in the night.

I think what I want to convey in this post is I'm getting really antsy for change. Not sad, not angry, but simply antsy. I know I'm on the cusp of something spectacular, and I've even been making plans for said spectacular things, but I'm terribly impatient and I want change to happen here and now! Must I slave through another mediocre day to get to where I really want to be?

The truth is, I'm no slave, and not everyday is mediocre. I have a great roommate, I have a pet chihuahua that wears sweaters and I even have the luxury of going to Disneyland for birthday celebrations. All in all, I am a lucky girl.

But seeeeee, I know I'm wanting more. Not in a greedy "I want to be the queen of Norway" kind of way, but in a "I know I can challenge myself for greatness" kind of way.

I know I'm being ambiguous here, as I'm usually good about revealing all of my plans. But this time I need a few answers before I tell you all the happenings in my mind. All you need to know is that the wheels are a'turning and pretty soon I think those wheels are going to take me where I need to go.


  1. 1. Here's what came to mind when I read your post: "She needs to go to Vegas, baby."

    2. Time is God's way of making sure everything doesn't happen all at once. Your schedule isn't necessarily God's. You want to move on to, say, Act III of your life. It may be that what you think is Act III is really Act V, and right now you're in Act IV.

    3. Or as Garth Algar would say to Wayne Cambpell, "live in the now!"

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have never had a SINGLE Ashley in any classes growing up, in any college courses (that I can remember), in any social circles, or in any work environment. Believe it or not, you are the only Ashley to this day that I "know".



  3. I love times of change. The spring and autumn equinoxes are big times of change for me, as is new years. I hope it is a good change!

    I have been called every name under the sun when it comes to my first name Mandy: Mandy, Mandykins, Mandytjie (little Mandy in Afrikaans), Manda Panda, Mandroid, Mandiloop, Mandrax, Mandible. Oh, by the way, "Emm" is for Mandy.

  4. sometimes i call my little sister assley. it's great. mostly because it creeps her out. one of my dad's friends from mexico calls her assley. she gets so creeped. it's fantastic.
    keep your plans secret and safe until you're ready to share. change is so exciting. i can't wait to see what's in store for you!

  5. It sounds exciting and scary at the same time! Enjoy the challenge and the growth.

  6. Hmm... in Hong Kong I get to be called fatty a lot :(

    Well done on always challenging yourself! Keep up the good work!

  7. I'm intrigued to say the least. I used to be like that as well, very antsy for things to happen, I'm not sure if it's been time, but I'm no longer like that. Now I tend to enjoy the process. Can't wait to hear what it is!

  8. Change is always good. Always! So wanna hear what you're up to?! Moving? Traveling? All of it? None of it?

    Tell us!!! :D


  9. I can relate with the antsy feelings. And I was extremely fortunate that good things came after a looooong wait! I'm so hopeful and excited to hear what your good things will be! Cheers to waiting out the antsy for the whatever is next.

  10. I've been feeling this way lately. Like, I can't say my job is horrible and my bosses are crap because it's not like that at ALL. But sometimes? I get bored. And I know I'm destined for more than this. I'm antsy, too. :)