Combating the Monday Blues

Sometimes Mondays are the worst. But there are a few things I've done today to fight the Nothing (Neverending Story...anyone? Anyone?). Here's my cheery list:

1. I looked at a baby. As in, I visited my good friend Jaclyn, who has just had her little babe. Seeing little Miguel instantly put a smile on my face--there's something about babies that reminds you of the goodness of life.

2. Drank some homemade juice. Jaclyn owns a deli, so through visiting her, I was treated to some fresh veggie juice: beets, broccoli, spinach, kale, parsley. I'm on an energy high right about now!

3. Drove in the sunshine. I had some time to drive around a little before heading to work, which always eases the wanderer's soul. Not to mention a little John Mayer in the mix. How could I not smile over the perfect combination of a slight breeze coinciding with some "City Love?" Sigh. Only John brings out the swoon in an otherwise unromantic girl.

4. Made a countdown. This is based off of the paper chains I used to make as a kid (to countdown to Christmas). Too lazy to cut up construction paper, a whiteboard will suffice:

Basically, I'm smiling today: Juice, babies, countdowns, John Mayer? My life is pretty sweet.

How do you make Mondays better?


  1. You can keep John Mayer, but the juice (and upcoming New York) sound excellent!

    1. hahaha! Made me laugh at work ;) I will keep him!

  2. NEVERENDING STORY!!!!! i found it on clearance at target last summer. i need to watch it asap. yes yes yes.
    i want all of those. i want them all right now.
    babies are exchangeable for puppies.

  3. Ah, New York! Jealous, but excited to read about it!

  4. Countdowns are awesome...and yes, John Mayer...he cures most of the blues!

  5. hahaha I cracked up at your white board! I also think thats super cute that you used to make the chains to countdown to Christmas :)