When Did Bridal Showers Start To Look Like Weddings?

Ahhh, Bridal Showers...one of the infamous events before the big event. We Americans sure do like our events. Over the weekend, I went to the most extravagant Bridal Shower I have ever been to, and it was imperative to write about it...

Jenny, the Bride. 


On the one hand, I had a fun time celebrating with the bride and guests; on the other hand, I can't help but shake my head a little at the excess of our culture. 

Call me scrooge, but I just can't justify spending a ton of money on what should be considered a pre-event. I mean, look at those sugar cubes...have you ever seen prettier sugar cubes in your life?

Jenny (the bride) laughed it off, as it was planned by her wedding-lovin' mother-in-law. Of course, there is no real harm in this kind of party; these things can be a good time! But it undoubtedly sets a precedent in our culture where we are constantly trying to out do each other. What has resulted is weekend-long bachelorette parties at luxury spas in place of raunchy-one night jaunts in dive bars. When did America become so...obnoxiously glamorized

Don't think I'm a fan. And neither is my pocket book. 

Although, I couldn't complain about the Chambord (Black Raspberry Liqueur)! 


  1. i blame bridesmaid's. i mean, puppies for party favors?! come oooonnn.
    but really, what a lavish event. i can't even imagine how fancy the wedding is going to be.

  2. It looks lovely! That said, I'm with you on this one. The last couple I've been to were tastefully pretty and fun, but not overdone.

    I'm hoping that the girl planning mine does NOT do something like this. I don't want one and certainly don't want someone's wallet to cry for them to plan/host it.

  3. She obviously can afford it (one would hope), so if it makes her happy, then why not? (that cake looks pretty & delicious!)

    I'm with you on this, though... I decided a while ago that if I ever get married, I'm not having a wedding at all. I might plan a small celebration, but that's about it. It's just too much of a fuss for one day.


  4. Ha, you're so right. This could definitely be a wedding. The flowers are gorgeous though!

  5. looks fun though!!! i'm all about simple though, too. and thanks for the congrats!!! that's def where i have been, haha!

  6. I totally agree! The overabundance with the whole wedding and any associated showers/parties is disgusting! Nothing against your friend of course because they can be fun. But the cost adds up and it becomes more about spending money than the actual real meaning behind getting married to another person!

  7. One of the bridal showers I went to, they had a chocolate fountain. A. Chocolate. Fountain. For a bridal shower?! So overdone. I'm really not sure what I'll do when it's my turn but I know I want a VERY simple & small wedding, no bachelorette party, but I do like the idea of a bridal shower. But it definitely won't be lavish and crazy.

    But, I guess, if one can afford it and likes lavish, then more power to them! It's not my thing, but to each their own. :)

  8. Everything is stunning. Great pic of you at the bottom too. I promise when I get married (whenever that may be) that my bridal shower will be nicer on your pocket book.

  9. I wish they had Bridal Showers over here!!! Seriously. Either way, everything looked great...especially the cake! ;)

  10. This is interesting. In Norway we don't have/do bridal showers, (nor baby showers) at all. It looks fun, but I agree it does sound pricey! And I probably wouldn't want to have one if I'd ever get married and we'd adpoted the custom by then! (We do adopt a lot of American customs!)