Bits and Bobs

My British friend Jackie once said the above phrase when heading to the market. It was something along the lines of: "I need to pick up some bits and bobs." I suppose the best American equivalent to this phrase is 'things' or 'stuff.'

Ours is less cool.

I thought this would be a good title for all of my random posts in where I want to string together many random unrelated things! Er, I mean, bits and bobs!

  • Recently, 2 people have told me that I look like Marion Cotillard: 

What do you think? It must be the eyes they are thinking of. I'll take it! 

  • Lastly, I'm smiling because my UK Visa was approved and I'm really happy about it!!

P.S. I think I made this very random post (with too many exclamation marks) because I'm too excited to think clearly!!!!



  1. What? You never go to "Bits and Bobs?" they are the premium supplier of Bits and Bobs brand stuff and things. :P

  2. You do look like her. And I think she is the most gorgeous celebrity out there. :)

  3. Omg, you know what?! You DO look like Marion Cotillard! I think it's the eyes. So funny, I never noticed that before.

  4. Marion Cotillard is drop dead gorgeous. It would be better to say that she looks like you, instead, though. She stole your good looks, my friend.

    1. Well gosh, she should be paying me for all those fab movies she's been in, using my face and all :D