Taking A Course On Oxford

On Sunday, I had a fabulous time pretending to be a brilliant scholar navigating the cobblestone hallways of the Oxford campus. I witnessed the new freshman moving into their residence halls and plotted ways to sneak in...

I suppose one also has the option of pretending to be a wizard, as some scenes for Harry Potter were filmed here...

But enough pretending! 

Oxford, as a town, is quaint and lovely.  It's not as crowded as London, but still has a plethora of gorgeous old buildings to gawk at. Feast your eyes: 

Wearing my Oxfords in Oxford. Tripppppppy.

I don't know what it is about the above door, but I am completely drawn to it. I want to read a book by it, or have a photo shoot with it as the background...is it weird to love a door? Don't. answer. that.

And then, you reach the actual University of Oxford campus, which completely steals the show: 

It tripped me out to see just how old these buildings are. Looking closely at the ceiling (above) and lamp (below) you'll find century-old cobwebs and flaked off bits of stone...

Of course, I got quite cold wandering around and hurried into a coffee shop to get a bit of tea...

To steal a quote from Taylor Swift, "Being the girl sitting alone in the cafe, taking a picture of her latte. If that's a thing." Yep, Taylor, that is a thing.

I ended my glorious excursion at the Eagle and Child, the pub C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used to frequent and write their books in. You know, no biggie :) 

Oxford, my friends, is a winner. Do visit! 


  1. It's so beautiful. It must be so inspiring to study here- I envy those newbies moving in!

  2. I am so jealous - I've always dreamed of being smart enough to study at Oxford. Such beauty and history.

    1. Well you and I can dream...I'm also not smart enough :P

  3. That is GREAT!! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hahaha, walking your Oxfords in Oxford. :) And Taylor Swift is right, that is a thing...I do it daily (haha!). I love history and seeing it all in your photos...I'm in awe, as always - no matter how often I look at these photos (or other photos from the same area) it always amazes me.

  5. i think i would feel so intelligent walking around oxford. in my oxfords also of course!

  6. wow what a great visit of oxford through your photos! and yup exactly going to a pub frequented by jrr tolkien and c.s. lewis, that is the cool thing about europe in my opinion

  7. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous! I lived a short while in Brighton, and I loved it so much that every time I go to England it's either Brighton or London (or both) but it's a shame I haven't seen much more of England! (But now that we are on the subject, make sure to go down to Brighton! It's just 40 minutes on the train from Victoria station in London if I remember correctly!)

  8. each picture is prettier than the last!
    livin' the dream... livin' the dream.

  9. sorry...i can't type. my eyes are drooling.

  10. Love your blog. Great pictures!!