Favorite Thing Thursday

1. Norwegian Sweaters and Mittens

I scored in Norway! This sweater and these mittens = my favorite thing ever right now. Cali girls need to stay warm! 

2. Hanging Out With Norwegian Locals in Bars (And Being Mistaken for a Local Myself)

I blend right in, just like white girl camouflage. 

3. SNOW! 
I miss the snow! I miss Norway!!


  1. Those mittens are adorable, love them!!!

  2. "White girl camouflage" is hysterical!
    I'm hope I don't regret saying this but I can't wait for the snow here either.

  3. You look so happy. I wouldn't mind seeing some snow; I love SF fog, but snow would be a nice change.

  4. :) this post made me smile!
    I will try to remember your enthusiasm when I go to Norway for Christmas!! (You know...the winter up there was one of my biggest motivations to move to Spain, but maybe with some distance to it I can enjoy it too?)

  5. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens?

  6. You fit right in! I want to see some snow- this whole living in a desert thing sucks right now!

  7. Wow, you DO resemble them! How very COOL!!


  8. Are you trying you make everyone jealous, because it's pretty much working. It snowed about a foot here over the weekend and I'm thinking I need some norway sweaters and gloves.

  9. I NEED THAT NORWAY WEAR!!!!!! your camouflage is perfect. you're such a good spy.

  10. I love this! But why am I not one of your fav things from Norway? :P Haha, just kidding ;) I know I am! ;P
    The mittens and the sweather look so perfect on you. Seeing it on you I'm tempted to go back and try that sweather myself.

    - Sonja