Switzerland, Part One: Ritzy Geneva

Switzerland, my friends, is a beautiful thang! 

With the Alps and lakes surrounding many of its cities, it's evident that Switzerland is highly overlooked by Americans, and dammit, we need to start putting it on our MUST VISIT lists... 

The night before our early flight, Laura (my expat friend in London) and I had to scrape for groceries...so thus, our White Trash Meal was made. In case you were wondering, there is Crystal Light in the glasses. Yeah buddy!

We stayed with a couchsurfer in Geneva, which produced a hilarious story in where we slept in the attic with a wood-burning stove that hardly produced any heat, so Laura went to bed looking like this: 

But I digress...the actual town of Geneva was quite splendid: 

Things you should know about Geneva: 

  • It's the French side of Switzerland, so pull out your Merci! and S’il vous plaît! 
  • All of Switzerland is on the pricey side, but Geneva is especially so. 
  • The city is very walkable, and includes a lot of cute churches, cafes and hotels. 
  • Although great for a day, I don't think there is terribly much to do in Geneva to stay past that...plan your trips accordingly! 


  1. Loving your white trash meal, Oreos for dessert is always a good idea :)
    And I really need to pop over to Switzerland soon, if not for the scenery, then at least for the chocolate!

  2. Great photos Ashley.

    I love your last supper- ha ha!

  3. Couchsurfing is the greatest! It saves so much on hotel costs, even if you do end up with a freezing night.

  4. Coming in for the generic Ali comment: I have the scarf Laura is wearing in that picture. Also the white trash meal is great. Glad you had fun. LOVE the swans!

  5. are you avoiding the fact that you were in a basement with a potential axe murderer??? :) :)

  6. i loved switzerland! i visited the german and french areas, i believe. so glad you liked it!

  7. Hahaha, the ax murderer is missing...yup.
    And shhhh, I saw more of Geneva now that I probably ever will. ;)

  8. I went to Switzerland for a little before-Christmas-get-away+to-see-the-Christmas-markets in December 2011. And I agree, Geneva is beautiful but one day is sort of enough. Luckily we had rented a car and got to visit several other places, cause 3 days in Geneva (with very cold and rainy weather) would have been too much. In the end, the other towns and cities made a better impression on me than Geneva. I am curious if you went other places as well! I guess I'll know in part 2 :)

  9. thanks for making me miss switzerland.

  10. whoa toast and plain pasta, now that is basic. nevertheless, good times had. Shame there wasnt much to do but you can enjoy it for what it is