Switzerland, Part Three: Meeting Blog Buddies

Luzern, the third city Laura and I stayed in, had a very special reason for the visit. To those outside the blog world (i.e. Laura), it's a bit odd explaining that "we're going to be staying with one of my blog friends."  Laura went along with it just fine, but probably thought I was slightly crazy for doing so. I kept telling her, "Seriously, I know Krystal is going to be great!"

But to be honest, how much do we know about our online friends? What can we really tell from blogs? Krystal could have been, like, a crazy ax murderer or something (wink).

Obviously, from my smiley picture above with miss Krystal, that's not the case. Krystal is as fabulous and gangsta as her blog makes her out to be. Not to mention Krystal's husband Mark, who was equally as charming and welcoming. Plus, I got to meet little Wesley, who is in the running for cutest baby in the world:

What a cutie! 

The first night in Luzern, Krystal took us out to dinner and to a fun pub quiz at Shamrock (the local Irish pub) where we met her quirky, lovable friends. I found that Krystal had the same level of maturity as me when we decided on our team name for the quiz:

Great minds think alike.

The night continued on with bad jokes and bad dancing. People had to hide their kids, wives and their husbands too. 

That's all the information I will divulge. 

The next morning I was feeling chipper and ready to tour the city, and that's where Selma comes into the story--blog friend #2! This came in handy as we were now on the Swiss German side of the country, and my German is pretty non-existent. Thus, I made Selma do the talking for me.

 I am almost a whole foot taller than Selma...hehe.

I was really mesmerized by all the art and murals that could be found around the city...

We met up again with Krystal for some Burger King (no comment).

That night, after sharing the best funny, ghetto videos You Tube had to offer, Krystal treated us to a Swiss tradition of Raclette, where you melt cheese and other ingredients you desire in little spatula shaped pans (pictured below), then pour the molten cheese over potatoes. GLORIOUS! 

We ended the night at a shiny rooftop bar, complete with great-tasting Swiss beer (seriously, they have great beer)...until we had to say sad goodbyes and catch the last train out of Luzern.

Just a recap: Through blogging, I had a place to stay, my own personal tour guide(s), a translator and a homemade Swiss meal. NOT TOO SHABBY. 

I love blogging. Thanks Krystal and Selma! 


  1. balls, hahahaha!!! i was a lil nervous for the pub quiz night recap, haha :) so glad you guys came, can't wait until next time!!

    1. I can't give away all the secrets on the internet :)

  2. i went to Switzerland YEARS ago - and i feel HARD - it's where i wish to live one day - there's something magical there!

  3. Ahhhh, now I look/sound even shorter than I am. Thanks. ;) Hope you get to come back soon so we can do more...and then you can talk to locals too. ;) In Swiss-German of course. Didn't have enough time to teach you anything. :(


  4. Ah, I remember Krystal, we used to read each other's blogs way back when (might be how I met you actually). :)
    I love "you put cheese and other ingredients you desire in a pan.." YES! hehe. Blogging is awesome. I've had people to stay, I intend to stay with them in return one day, and I've met non-blogger but blog-reader friends through it who form part of my social life here. Also, I find it puts you a notch up for getting jobs.
    See you next week!

  5. I was waiting for this post after selma mentioned that she met you. dang, you know two bloggers who live in the same swiss city? Tha's amazing.

  6. That is so cool that you met Krystal (she is a blog buddy of mine too). Oh and I discovered raclette here. it is ridiclous!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. It's so cool when you meet a blog bud in real life and they turn out to be just as awesome as you think. And it looks like you ladies had the time of your lives! So how's the Burger King over there? When I went to Paris, the fries at McDonald's tasted very different from the ones in the U.S. (not in a good way).

  8. All this sounds wonderful! And the city is beautiful. I really want to go to the Swiss-German-speaking part of Switzerland, and more so after reading your posts :)

  9. It was so nice to meet you today :)
    love the pictures, the city looks really nice!!
    and your friend's baby is soo cute.

    xx Vivi

  10. Hey :) It was really nice to meet you :D You have a very cute blog :) xx

  11. Looks like a lot of fun in Switzerland! Lovely photographs :) I've only been to Switzerland twice but I do want to go back.