Perfectly Acceptable Ashley

It' perfectly acceptable:

  • to make fun of all the theatre critics for suddenly loving Book of Mormon. They've been calling it the "best show in years," and are completely shocked at the crudeness of the script. Well guess what kids?!? It's been a show for over a decade. It's called SOUTH PARK, and just because it's live action doesn't mean it's not exactly like the animated show. Yes, I'm acting as representative for all the true fans who have loved Matt Stone and Trey Parker's work for years. *steps off soap box*

  • to eat desert before dinner. Do I need to say more? 
  • to brag about traveling every now and then. Wait, who am I kidding? I brag about it all the time...because it is my badge of honor, and I'm not sorry! And with that, I'm off to Paris on Friday! :D


  1. Paris on a friday, hot dang. That's something I'll forgive you for bragging about. And what did they expect when the makers of south park made a musical? I know it's about mormonism and we try not to be crude, but it wasn't written by a mormon...so what were they expecting?

  2. you globe-trotting wonder woman!

  3. Paris on a Friday, huh? Oh, just another day in the life of Ashley!

    And YES to dessert before dinner.

  4. Matt Stone and Trey Parker? South Park? ... Houston, we have a problem. But I'll forgive you for the whole dessert before dinner thingy. :-)

    1. Come on...I love those guys!! And their honorable work ;)

  5. Screw you guys, I'm going home!

    The bits with Saddam and Satan are some of the funniest ever.

  6. arghhhh i wanna see this so badly!