Roma, Part 2: Roman Holiday

Rome is an especially unique city in that it's quite busy and full of life around every corner, yet you don't really feel worn out from it. Somehow, the city remains relaxing, and even...invigorating. Maybe this is attributed to the slower pace at which a lot of Italians walk (compared to New York, that is). Maybe it's due to the hearty food you end up taking long breaks for. Whatever the case, being in Rome was a true holiday away from work and school.

...and yes, I may have pretended I was a young Audrey Hepburn living it up in the Eternal City...

My holiday pictures mostly speak for themselves, so I'll shut my trap from here on out. Furthermore, the buildings pictured here are so famous, I'm not sure a caption is even needed. But I might provide a few here and there just to be cheeky.  

Typical cafe, which often has the best cappuccinos. 

Trevi Fountain

My favorite. 


  1. I love when even a city can seem laid back and relaxed. It's so rare.

  2. oh, i'd TOTALLY pretend i was Audrey Hepburn, too haha. i loved seeing the paintings and fountains, it must have been amazing seeing them up close and personal. and i've always imagined taking three hour lunches on piazzas when i'd finally visit italy. tell me that's what you're doing now ;) so green with envy!

    xo Marlen
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  3. Loving this series. Phenomenal photography. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime.

  4. Wow, there are so many tourists. I guess that's hard to avoid though. That fountain is amazingly beautiful!

  5. My favorite is the last photo.