Sorrento, Quite the Peaceful Getaway

After the hustle and bustle of Rome (which, GOD, I adored!), it was nice to move onto the second half of my trip, the beach/seaside getaway town of Sorrento.

Sorrento is quite small, so it's very easy to explore your way around and find all the secret passageways...
...and subsequently stumble upon hidden spots where you basically get your own balcony, complete with the most fabulous cappuccino and a smashing view of the sea:

I mean, I really didn't get tired of that view! 

Or this view: 
 Or any of the views! 

 It might sound too kitschy a term, but Sorrento is just so darn cute. It's everything you want out of a little Italian town: 
It's got that European flair. 

 The prettiest little benches you've ever seen. 

 Adorable bridges.

 10th Century mills that you accidentally run into on your morning walk.

 Beautiful art you find under the archways.

 Vines growing up the sides of buildings.

And the right kind of simple summer foods. 

 It's even got a tiny speck of night life...

 Where the bartenders give you free drinks (um, if you're a woman, I assume). 

There's not too many bad things I can say about Sorrento...

And gosh, what can I say when the day ends with that infamous view? That view...


  1. This looks so serene and beautiful.

  2. i am so very happy to watch you live it UP!

    1. Thanks my friend...wish I could have stayed just a little longer to come visit you in the Summa-time!

  3. Oh man! That's the way to see a country. hit up rome and then relax by the water.

  4. Looks so beautiful Ashley. I've always wanted to go to Sorrento!

  5. I MUST GO THERE. can't even find more words... ;) that first picture is beyond goregous. WOW

  6. This town is going on my list, it looks amazing! Love the first/last picture especially.

  7. my family is originally from lake como, and i've only visited in the winter. i'm loving the pics and you taking us along :)

  8. Sorrento is a beautiful place up to heaven. Have done a very nice trip. I had two days in Sorrento. Here are my notes I wrote travel. One of the places I will never forget.