Made You Laugh

I've been having a rough time with job-hunting and not really doing that much since finishing my dissertation. It's the post-London, post-dissertation blues. I know I'm being slightly dramatic, but it's weird to go from having an abundance of stuff to do to not that much at all. So here's hoping for a job soon! 

Until then, a light-hearted post with some pictures to make you smile: 

 How I felt when I was writing my dissertation; so actually, I'm glad thing is done with!!!


 I swear I'm not anti-relationship. 

My addiction. 

Seriously...this is real??

Where I'm at currently. 



  1. You maintaining a sense of humor despite this discouraging but TEMPORARY chapter of your life is inspiring.

    1. I'm not so sure that I am inspiring, but thanks for the uplifting comment, friend!

  2. I feel ya, girl. I'm so sick of looking for jobs. And the internet is way too distracting, but you can't do the job search thing without it. Reminds me of the summer class where I took my laptop to a coffee shop that charged for wifi so I wouldn't be distracted by the internet and would actually get my homework done. Well, at least tomorrow I have an interview at a temp agency, so hopefully they can place me rather quickly. I hope we both find something soon.

  3. You definitely made me laugh there a bit. Looking for jobs umm sucks. And I do think all the applications look the same, and I think I'm probably the only person who hasn't figured out stuffing keywords in to pass the autoreaders or whatever they are called. I did not know that netflix gives you 15 seconds between episodes..you learn something new every day :)

  4. haha, that last one is SO true. I've been temping out in DC and it is really boring. I'd like to have a real job soon!