(Summer) In Sunny San Diego

In the summertime, when the weather is fine...

 I go to the beach as much as possible. I'm such a beach person. I'm convinced that swimming in the ocean is the best stress reliever. 

 I force my pals to have European style picnics with me. Especially after I learned San Diego lets you drink wine and beer in some parks. Yipee!

 I go to BBQs where awesome people wear shirts like this. 

  ....and eat strawberries and cream...

...and grill the most beautiful piece of meat you've ever seen. And tasted. 

 I mean, I think I might be obsessed with BBQ. 

So I *try* to balance it with the occasional healthy meal. 

And now that the boys of summer are (almost) gone, fall will show up (or as the Brisitsh always say, autumn. It's never fall, only autumn). No matter what I call it, I'm ready for a season in where I'm feeling more settled. And dressed in tights. 


  1. Isn't it like ALWAYS summer there in San Diego, or that least that is what us easterners like to believe. So i'm going to stick with that. Summer in San Diego looks awesome, and picnics and all that sound much better than going to hang out in some tiny urban park...

    1. haha, it's not quite "summer" all year round, but it is sunny for most of the year. So we can say it's spring all year round.

  2. A few jobs ago I kept getting sent to San Diego for work. Miss it!

    That is a gorgeous piece of meat. (twss)

  3. Sounds like this should be called steps for getting over missing london :)