On Vertigo

I've gotten a few questions about vertigo recently, so I thought I'd write a lil' post on it.

No, I'm not talking about the rad Hitchcock film by the same name. I'm talking about the sensation that everything around you is either spinning or unstable for hours, days and even weeks. IT SUCKS.

This is my third bout of having vertigo, and in my case it has to do with a virus that has infected my body and affected my inner ear. Some people are actually diagnosed with vertigo and have those pesky ear crystals that migrate out of place.

Anywho, I've had this dizzy spell for over two weeks now, and it's seemingly gotten better. What's annoying is a lot of doctors don't really know how to fix vertigo. For the most part, it has to fade on its own. I thought I would share a few of my tips for those struggling through the same crappy thing and looking for a little relief:

  • Give up coffee. This was the hardest thing for me to do because I'm such a coffee addict. But the truth is, coffee is the absolute worst for vertigo. Even Earl Grey tea is a much better option for those needing a caffeine fix...but coffee, sadly, is your worst enemy. 
  • Forget that glass of wine. Like coffee, alcohol is not going to help you one bit. I drank a glass of wine one day, and while I felt relaxed and better in the moment (gosh I love red wine), the next day I had a piercing headache and felt about 3 times more dizzy. 
  • Eat kale and beets (and anything nutrient rich). This might be a more important step for those suffering from a virus. All I know is, kale is an amazing superfood that makes me feel instantly much better when I chow down on it! 
  • Leave the house. Staying inside will leave you depressed and wallowing in your dizzy sadness. Stepping outside to take a walk in a park will help your mind expand and ease some of the symptoms haunting you. 
  • Do some exercises to find your balance. The Epley Maneuver and these exercises definitely helped me. Oh, and a lymphatic massage could also help! 
  • Drink excessive amounts of water. Seriously, drink water like you're trying to get drunk off of it. 
Obviously, different things work for different people. A visit to the doctor is an absolute must as your dizziness could be tied to something more serious. 

Vertigo ranks up there with food poisoning...it's pretty debilitating and you feel helpless! But even during the worst of it keeping a regular routine will do you the most good. Oh, and the occasional nap. Thank God vertigo can't carry over into your dreams! 


  1. Ah! So terrible that you suffer from this. I find it interesting that so many things that are good for you, help vertigo. I should drink more water and eat more nutrient rich foods.

  2. My old coworker suffers from this and it just sounded AWFUL. She was out of work for a week during a really, really bad spell where she could barely walk from her bed to the bathroom. Sucks that you also have to deal with this!

  3. Oh man, that's just terrible! I've had dizzy spouts, but luckily they've never lasted more than a couple of days. I can't imagine two weeks! These seem like really good tips though.

  4. geez man, have you gotten better??? i was talking to my friend today about how i clean my ears every day and she said that is really bad to do with a dry q-tip because it pushes wax in to your ear and then it can make you have vertigo, thsi happened to her!!! and then i thought of you. but i didn't know you found it was a virus, that is crazy cakes. try a whole30 diet i'm convinced it cures everything. ok bye !