Favorite Thing Thursday

Lately, a few of my favorite things (also because keeping a gratitude list is a good idea)...

1. Booking a Trip to London

photo from @london on instagram
Ticket bought, check! In July, I will be going back to London for graduation (we're also thinking of heading over to Austria a few days). This trip will be telling, emotional and fantastic all in one go. I'm excited and scurrrrred. I can't wait.

2. Breakdown + Therapy

I needed all of this to happen to start taking a deeper look into what I was feeling. Breakdowns/panic attacks/pain can lead to recovery. What's the quote from Eat, Pray, Love? Oh yes: "Ruin is the road to transformation." Thanks, Liz Gilbert.

3. Being a Self-Help Book Junkie

You know what...don't judge me!!!!!!!!! Because I'm an over-thinker, it's nice to have Dr. Phil train my mind toward the positive. And this book was recommended to me by a psychologist friend. Um yeah, sorry the picture is backward.

4. My Bad-Ass Breaking Bad T-Shirt

I'll end this post on a cheeky note. This was given to me by a friend and I feel instantly more bad-ass when I wear it. Heisenberg power!


  1. Yay London! I am sure having that to look forward to will help with some of the anxiety you're feeling. (Maybe?) I have mad love for Dr. Phil, I can't lie. I know people either love him or hate him and I totes adore him. :) A lot of what he says just makes sense! To me, at least.

    Glad therapy is helping. Reminds me that I need to get serious about finding a therapist to help me sort out all the junk that's jumbled up in my own head. xo

    1. I think I will forever recommend therapy to, um, everyone!

  2. How long will you be in London for?

    1. About two weeks (but there will be a side trip to Austria).

  3. Dr Phil rocks!!!! I need to write a gratitude list