Always Believe in the Good

There is danger when we view each other in absolutes. Humans are not either good or evil, right or wrong, primal or civilized. We are a mix of all, and even more in between. The gray areas in our lives are what makes us human, and that is beautiful. We can bond in our imperfections if we choose to--love instead of hate, and all that business.

If you believe your friend has transgressed against you, what is your first response? To condemn, or to listen? Is it possible to encounter one another with understanding even when red with anger? Are you the one casting the first stone?

These are things I have been pondering of late. I want to remain in a place where I can see the good in people, first and foremost. It's not naive to believe humans have good intentions; nay, it is the worthwhile way to live.

See the good.

Believe in the good. 


  1. Love this. Unfortunately, when I tried to see the good in a close friend of mine, and tried to believe in the good and make the good happen, but the bad happened instead. The good betrayed me, so to speak. :( Yet, I still believe in the good, just not in that friend.

  2. I feel the same, sadly as I get older I am seeing less good and more difficult obstinate behaviour., I myself am more judgemental, less considerate, less open to forgiving and understanding no matter what... I am way more inclined to pull a person up for their behaviour.. and sadly, I don't like that about myself.

  3. Thanks. I need to work on this.

    Also, our sunglasses match. I want yours though.

    1. Hmmm...we can switch when we meet. When!

  4. Oftentimes, it's my impatience or my pride that doesn't allow me to see the good in others - thank you for the reminder

  5. I needed this reminder. My pride gets in the way too much, and it causes me to pull away in order to protect my heart and keep my walls in place.

  6. I always look for the good and try to see why someone did what they did, be that wrong or right. I guess I want to feel like I can help. I've never been to Tokyo no, would love to.

  7. So great that I would make a blog comeback today and this is the first thing I read. I am trying to do exactly this, and that's what my post is (will be) all about!