Hey, Geoff Cameron...You're Pretty Great to Look At!

Come on now. The dude makes our win against Ghana even sweeter. Speaking of, life has been getting sweeter for me. I've been:

  • Watching World Cup games pretty religiously. Oh England, that was crap! Columbia, good show! 
  • Planning more of my trip for London and Scotland...32 days and counting until I'm in the U.K.! 
  • Taking life a little easier.
  • Flirting with good looking men, just because I can. 
  • Plotting secret plans that I hope turn out. Fingers crossed. 
  • Getting ready for my Norwegian friend Sonja to visit San Diego! 
It's nice when life is starting to feel happier, lighter, and not so serious all the time. Whew!


  1. Graham Zusi is pretty sweeeeet as well... ahh the joys of watching soccer