New Orleans: The French Quarter (Touristy, But Still Worth It)

Just got back from my fun-filled New Orleans trip, and I thought I'd start my posts with the most obvious of places in New Orelans, the French Quarter.

 The lovely Laura was my tour guide, a New Orleans native (recognize her from London?!). Laura took me to all the best sites:

It's easy to see the European influence of both the French and Spanish all through the city.

The thing I love about New Orleans is it seems to be the most intact historical city in the country (that I've visited). Strolling the old streets, I could see the past playing out before my eyes: the horse-drawn carriages, the men smoking cigars and drinking brandy, the women hiding their ankles, the 17th-century coats...I could see all of it. It's a little hard to see the past in places like New York, where the rush and technology of modern culture takes over what once was. Not so in NOLA.

The downside to New Orleans? The drinking culture is a little MUCH at night, so if you're not down for the crowded party scene, stick to visiting in the day.

Notable places in the French Quarter:

Napoleon House
Carousel Bar
The Voodoo Museum (I didn't take pictures of this because I'm slightly superstitious, ha!)
Royal Street (where all the art is)
Free street music playing everywhere!!

Have you been to the French Quarter? Do you think it's worth a visit or should be skipped? 


  1. For the most part, I'll always say skip the quarter, especially at night. Too many tourists with the 'this is New Orleans, I'm supposed to act like an ass' attitude. But there are a few exceptions, Stanley, Johnny's Poboys, Court of Two Sisters and Louisiana Music Factory and a few other record shops around. If you ever make another visit, venture off to Magazine Street, but it looks like you hit some nice spots.

    1. And I haven't finished my New Orleans posts, so don't worry--this isn't the only place we went ;) I will say...I don't think the French Quarter should be skipped. It's too cool (during the day) for a first time visit. It's worth one go, I think.

  2. I've always wanted to go! I guess I just have Disneyland's mock up in the meantime.

  3. oh what lovely pictures. Very true about the most intact historical city, like not just the buildings but everything. i love it.
    i have only been to NOLA once and I would love to go back and spend more time and visit other things. I was definitely one of those tourists who had way too much to drink on bourbon street. but i don't care because i had a blast! we did other things as well, tours and such. but i was young, and had fun. that's all that matters!

  4. I've heard such fun things about NOLA and the FOOD in the french quarter. I'm hungry just thinking about it! I'm excited to see what else you did while you were there. It's fun to see cities that are intact like that. Harpers Ferry was that way for me, all old original buildings.

  5. one of my fave us cities and want to go back soo badly.

  6. Never been to NOLA but it's on my list. Hopefully next year. I've been to Louisiana but never made it to New Orleans. :( How sad is that?! Will look at this post when I go visit. :)

  7. EEK! I have my sights on NOLA for the last couple of years. The last time I was in NOLA was for NYE in 2005, before Katrina.

  8. It gave me some much needed European flair :) You're gonna go again, I hope?