A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. In Bruges

WATCH THIS NOW if you love dark humor. Ray's moodiness wins here as he trudges around the beautiful Bruges while calling it a shithole and sulking on site-seeing boats. Even better, there's redemption found in the friendship between Ray and Ken, two men that you should probably hate but have a hard time doing so.

2. William and Kate

Ok, this is a vapid pick, but sometimes I like a little vapid. As far as Lifetime movies go, it's not half bad! This is a gushy, girly, good watch on a sick/rainy day when you have absolutely nothing better to do than watch craptastic films and eat ice cream.

3. Chef

Not a novel idea for a plot, but somehow it still charms. A story about a has-been chef/crappy father and his journey in turning his life around. This is a mood-lifter; but beware, it'll make you hungry.

4. Perfect Sense

I just couldn't take this film seriously. The premise: an outbreak causes the world to lose all their senses, one by one, starting with the sense of smell. It might have been a well-done horror flick with the right direction, but only succeeds in violin overkill during overdramatic scenes.

(All of these films were from Netflix Instant)
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  1. I loved Chef! I wasn't expecting anything great so it was pleasantly surprising

  2. In Bruges!!! We love that movie. I also really liked William & Kate as well, because yep vapid. Chef sounds interesting, Perfect Sense seems silly lol.

  3. In Bruges is SO GOOD, right??? I think you'll like Chef. Give it a go!

  4. But I got SO HUNGRY watching it. Pretty sure I was feverishly looking for food trucks around my area after seeing it!

  5. Sooooo glad you saw In Bruges!!! I knew you'd love it! Oh, and like you said, Chef definitely exudes charm.

  6. Our BBQ celeb chef is in Chef! I've yet to see it.

  7. Being your foodie self, you'd enjoy it! I definitely like how he road tripped through New Orleans and Austin! :) Which is your BBQ celeb chef? The Franklin dude? I remember when he's trying amazing brisket in the film!

  8. hahaha. that makes sense! It got me hungry for brisket again with no place to go in San Diego :( :( :( haha.

  9. I have just watched chef and liked it. It was quite charming and really made me hungry.