My Favorite Food in Portland: Coffee (And Other Recommendations)

I am a coffee addict. I am that person who is grumpy/hates the world/thinks everyone should probably die before I get my coffee. Portland pleased me (and the eradication of my grumpiness) with its coffee choices! This was my favorite "food" in PDX. As most of us know, the Pacific Northwest was one of the first in the country to adopt italian style coffee, which I would gladly call an art form. If the coffee is brunt or the foam too bubbly, then it's shit. Portland understands the delicate play between coffee and milk, and it's hard to go wrong with the plethora of coffee shops found here.

My two favorites were the famed Stumptown Coffee and the less-famed Barista.

Besides coffee, brunch seems to be a HUGE thing in Portland. Two spots that I had a delightful breakfast/brunch at were:

23 Hoyt: If you're into a modern space with yummy grapefruit mimosas, do go here! 
Got to meet up with my friend Alexa, who I met in London! It's crazy how paths can cross.
Stepping Stone: With the slogan "You Eat Here Because We Let You," this is the perfect place for a good atmosphere. Oh, and oversized food, like my biscuit below...
 And Lainey's "Mancake."  

And lastly, for dinner, there's Pok Pok. Recommeded by, um, EVERYBODY, Pok Pok really is just that good (for those that love Thai food).

We also went to quite a few places with fresh juice/salads/teas/vegetables/vegan entrees--but you already knew that Portland has a bunch of hippies, right? So I don't have to get into that anyway.

But whatever you do, don't forget to get some coffee while you are in Portland! 


  1. Nom nom nom! Seriously though, I highly doubt most people would "forget" to get coffee if they chose to visit coffee. *wink*

  2. I'll have to remember all these places on my trip to Portland (when that will happen, I don't know!). I love getting recs from actual people, as opposed to travel guides/books. That coffee looks...uughhh so wonderful!

  3. I got most of my recs from people, with the exception of Barista...a place I walked by after seeing one of the cappuccinos and said "WE'RE GOING IN!"

  4. i dont drink coffee but i want that mancake please!

  5. Ok, I so need to go to Portland now. Just got thirsty for coffee and Thai food. YUM.

  6. You need this:


  7. This is true :) Ali, send me the link to your blog again! I lost it...

  8. That Stumptown logo is where it's at! Denise went to Portland last year and we've both done Austin, of course, but she'd probably agree with your comparison. And, coffee, um yeah!