A Three-Sentence Movie Review

1. How to Die in Oregon

Documentary that intimately follows one story of a woman with cancer thinking about opting for Death with Dignity (also known as euthanasia). It physically hurts to watch this film, yet it also gives great insight into those choosing the euthanasia path when all other options are depleted. While the documentary covers the pro-choice side well, it could do a little more to explain the other side of the coin; either way, you can't help but feel for Cody's plight (pictured above).

2. Save the Date

One commitment phobe sister, another sister who is getting married. I wanted to like this seemingly quirky film a little more, but it simply fell short, especially because sometimes the characters felt more like caricatures (how funny that the lead character is a cartoonist). It was like they didn't know how to really end it, so they just went with something quick, painless, and unoriginal.

3. The Believer

Ryan Gosling as you've never seen him before--in the role of a Neo-Nazi. This is a little, uh, tough to watch; however, at the same time it provides great insight into how hatred is formed. Overall, there's something really interesting here and if you're into psychological stuff, you might enjoy it.

4. Refuge

Not worth your time. I saw a semblance of a story line, but it really couldn't come together, and I especially could not get behind the blasé romance they tried to create here. I was praying and praying that the movie would just END (even though Netflix told me exactly how long I had left to sit through this hell).

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All of these movies can be found on good ol' Netflix Instant!


  1. aw that's a bummer about the save the date one, it looks cute based on the picture lol. the believer sounds interesting-ish. will have to remember that next time we are looking for a movie!

  2. I remember being very impressed by Ryan's acting in Believer.

    Have you seen Half Nelson? That's another unique role for Ryan. My manfriend.

  3. I haven't!! But I agree with you. Ryan shows his acting chops here!! Can Ryan be everyone's man friend?

  4. I mean, maybe watch a little of Save the Date and see how you feel. It's not all garbage, so I guess if you have nothing better to do it could be worth a watch. lol.

  5. I've never heard of The Believer. Is it kind of 'if you liked American History X you'll love The Believer'? I guess there's only one way to find out. In the queue it goes.

  6. Soooo, I haven't seen American History X. Strike one for Ashley?!? As far as the Believer, I don't expect it to be a crowd pleaser. It's definitely a thinking film, though.

  7. Quite an intense list you have here. :) I actually haven't seen any of these flicks. I may need to look into The Believer. Is it on Netflix Instant?

  8. hahaha, what do you mean "intense?" This isn't normal viewing behavior? Yes, it is on Netflix Instant :)

  9. ElleSees.blogspot.com6:25 AM, May 28, 2015

    looks like skipping these for me, minus believer, which i have seen before. i met him once as a kid on MMC. i've probably said that before! didn't find him cute. i was all about some JC . ha.

  10. Ok, so only half of these flicks will probably make me tissue happy.