A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. Trainwreck

Pure Amy Schumer, unfiltered, and thus, not-your-average romantic comedy. It's easy to see this is the first movie script she has ever penned; it's clearly novice in some areas. However, it matters not--there are enough shocking, sweet, hilarious moments to make up for any lull in the script.

2. Timbuktu

This movie stayed with me for several days after the credits rolled. The serenity of the desert contrasted with the harshness of the religious extremists occupying Timbuktu is so very striking here. I like how the movie explained the mindset of both the captives and the extremists, somehow allowing the audience to understand the humanness of everyone involved--this is a must watch.

3. Something, Anything

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I think there will be two conclusions from viewers after watching this movie: one, that the lead character (Peggy) is selfish, and two, that Peggy was on a quest for truth. I could see both sides; however, I think I ultimately sided with the second conclusion, mostly because I truly believe we are a society brainwashed, and Peggy was simply battling with the undoing of that brainwashing. The movie has got a slow pace, but like a slow epiphany I like how Peggy's end decision is revealed (you're gonna hate her obviously fake wig, though).

4. Hector and the Search for Happiness

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Even though Simon Pegg is in this (who is as charming as he is hilarious), I just couldn't get on board with Hector. While the questions asked in this film were generally quite profound and a good foundation, the actual film couldn't answer such questions in an equally profound way. Some people on Netflix seemed to love it though so maybe it's worth a watch to draw your own conclusion.

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