Big Fat (Turkish) Wedding

Let's dive into some Turkish posts, shall we?

Honestly, Turkey is so misunderstood, but I'll write about that another time. This is the time for happier things: my beautiful cousin's wedding.

Begüm (my cousin) and I realized we were liked-minded early on. We commend each other on thinking outside the box and being damn proud of it. Plus, she's always been such an inspiration to me--she's about to release an English version of her best-selling book in Turkey. Retitled in English, it's called "Simple" -- a book on the simple life. I'll let you all know when that English version drops.

Beyond celebrating my cousin, I wanted to show you all a side of Istanbul you possibly didn't know about. A fashionable place. A hip place. One that makes me smile real big with how warm and beautiful it is. My first travel love.

So onto some more pictures of the wedding venue and wedding in general:

Honestly, this is one of the best days I can remember! Congrats to Begüm and Ozan!

P.S. Here's the wedding video for those that are really curious:


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